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Eco Treat Pack - Promo Gift Box
  • SKU 107047

Indulge in guilt-free sweetness with our award-winning Eco Treat Pack! This meticulously crafted confectionery ensemble boasts plastic-free, fully recyclable and sustainable packaging.

Unbox a symphony of flavours with Raspberry Heart Truffles, White Chocolate 3D Skull Truffles, Dark Chocolate Truffles, Skittles, Vegan Bears, Jelly Beans, Love Hearts and a bespoke Milk 3D Moulded Chocolate Bar.

Personalise your pack with full-colour branding, and explore bespoke options for a truly unique treat. Elevate your gifting and promotional game with the Eco Treat Pack – where sweetness meets eco-friendly sophistication!

Also available in our new Eco-Kraft card material.

Lead time
2 weeks
Unit weight
Product dimensions
Lid 30 x 279 x 131 mm / Base 30 x 30 x 127 mm
  1. Raspberry Heart
  2. White Chocolate Skulls
  3. Skittles® - Eco Hex Tube
  4. Vegan Bears - Eco Midi Box
  5. Jelly Bean Factory® - Paper Flow Bag
  6. 3D Bespoke Milk Chocolate - Eco 6 Baton Bar Box
  7. Love Hearts®

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Product updated: March 18, 2024